Washing conveyor

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Washing conveyor
Description :
Cutlery processing line includes the following process: JEAN Glass Ball VibratorWhen the cutlery is to be washed even after several

Days of storage the passage of parts, even clogged, in a vibrator

Glass beads with a small surface-active degreasing additive, cleaning and

Makes it possible to peel off food and

Covered with each pass. The glass bead has a slight abrasive bit

Not the steel ball which it allows rather to do the restoration. The conveyor of fast washing and rinsing VINCENT the exit of the cycle of brightening the cutlery fall

Automatically into the conveyor which by high-pressure jets will wash and

The cutlery will be rinsed without any manipulation.Cleaning machine CECILE the output of the conveyor the cutlery is sent

Directly into the dryer which, with its drying agent (corn cob)

Will complete the processing of knives, forks and spoons while

Bringing a little more brilliance.

Regular cleaning of cutlery by this maintenance process

The brightness of the parts and to eliminate the periodic renovation

Refurbishing product or steel ball.

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