SG30 fresh pasta machine

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SG30 fresh pasta machine
Description :

SG30 fresh pasta machine

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,000 x 800 x 1,350

Weight: 155 kg Voltage: 380 Three-phase

Hourly production: 35 kg

Preparation of the mixture: 5 min. "Volumix system"

Unloading of the upper washbasin by means of automatic valve.

Equipped with an electric cutter, a fan and two trays. Trolley on wheels.

- The hourly productions are real and take into account the preparation time of the pasta.

- The "Volumix System" allows to work all types of mixture: wheat, corn, buckwheat, rice flour, pizza dough, bread dough etc ...

- For industrial production consult us.

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