Salon Sandwich & Snack Show: Snacking and Nomadic Consumption Show

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Salon Sandwich & Snack Show: Snacking and Nomadic Consumption Show
Sunday, September 20, 2020 - Tuesday, September 22, 2020Description :

A real revealer of trends, the Sandwich & Snack Show is the largest gathering of European suppliers of fast food and take-away.

Visit it:

- Meet 500 exhibitors covering 5 major sectors of activity

- The agri-food ready-to-eat products (sandwiches, salads, soups, sweet and savory snacks, desserts, drinks ...) and ingredients (breads, vegetables, cured meats, seafood products, dairy products ...)

- Consumables: packaging, accessories and disposable tableware ...

- Equipment: equipment, furniture, layout ...

- Technologies: IT solutions, labeling, payment, industrial processes ...

- Services: advice, creators of catering concepts and of snacking.

Discover the trends and innovations products of tomorrow:

- The space innovation designed by Thierry Virvaire

- The Snacking Store: which will illustrate fast food concepts around 5 modes of distribution.

- The Zapp ing of Snacking: find all the news of the snacking all day long, on a stage animated by Eric Roux and Caroline Champion, with the chronicles of our experts and distinguished guests

- The Sandwich & Snack Show Academy; for the 4th year, the Sandwich & Snack Show academy will reward innovative fast food concepts, in the trend and duplicable franchise.- Discount of B.R.A. awarded to innovative establishments that have evolved the fast food sector in 2014

- Benefit from the expertise of chefs and experts around the Snacking of chefs in partnership with Gourmets Consultants.- Learn and anticipate market trends, benefit from analysis thanks to a program of thematic conferences.

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