CONSERVAS DENTICI S.L., a canning enterprise, is the result of the merger of two family companies that have traditionally been dedicated to canning fish: that of Carlos Dentici and that of the sons of the founder of the well-known Salvador Orlando S.A.

Both born in the twenties of the last century, they have since respected traditional and traditional methods aimed at obtaining high quality products. EVOLUTION OF THE GROUP:

The marketing of our brands (Olasagasti, Marquinesa, Orlando) is successfully established in the national market. From 1949 on, the international and export vocation of the company is consolidated thanks to the foundation in Genoa (Italy) of the import company Olasagasti S.R.L., which is devoted essentially to the distribution of the products elaborated in the factory of Biscay.

Conservas Dentici S.L.'s range of products is geared towards specialized or fine food, as well as catering and luxury hotels.

Conservas Dentici S.L. currently has a factory built in 1994 and located in Markina (Vizcaya), 10 km from Ondarroa, a fishing port of great importance in the north of Spain.

The plant, approved by European standards, has a production capacity of five million kg of fish per year.

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