The name Niederegger is synonymous with passion for quality. Since 1806, only the ingredients of choice have been refined in our specialty.

The secret of the traditional recipe for marzipan Niederegger lies in the exact mix of almonds and sugar and a secret ingredient similar to rose water. Even today, the production is personally supervised by the pastry master.

In Niederegger, only aromatic almonds from the Mediterranean region are used. No additional sugar is added to the raw marzipan paste. All this gives our marzipan a pure taste. J. G. NIEDEREGGER GMBH & CO. KG, which has around 700 employees, was Lübeck's first confectionery company to meet the requirements set by the European Environmental Control System (EMAS) for the continuous improvement of the protection of the environment.

On Friday 1 September 2006 Mr Holger Strait, Managing Partner of J. G. NIEDEREGGER GmbH & Co. KG, was awarded the EMAS certificate by the President of the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce, Jorkesch. An ISO 14001-compliant DQS certificate is a globally recognized document as proof of the success and effectiveness of the operational environmental protection program.

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