Droga Kolinska sports drinks and natural mineral waters and spring waters attract people seeking an active and healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration is essential to maintaining the body's internal balance. Therefore, make sure that your fluid intake is regular. Take time for yourself and your body, but also take the opportunity to hang out with your friends.

The brand Cockta is the oldest and the first Slovenian brand among refreshing brands without alcohol and has been on the market since 1953. The secret of particular taste, irresistible for young and old, lies in the unique blend of 11 herbs .

Natural mineral waters may have a particular physical composition and characteristics and, according to medical findings, may mitigate or prevent certain diseases. Donat Mg is a natural mineral water with a particular composition and physical characteristics. Therefore, he has the magic power of a healer who can mitigate or prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

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